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Are You Tired of Pushing, Pulling & Struggling?
Learn to release limiting beliefs, old patterns and 
unleash your fullest potential.
A Year of Living MindfulLee is a robust and standalone subscription to keep you on course, but also an adjunct to the more prolific Mindful Makeovers™ online program that deepens your knowledge base. We are excited to offer a “12-Month Mindfulness Based Experiential Learning Class”

This is a Powerful 30 minute investment to access Topical Learning, Guided Meditations & Q & A. It can take you from frustrated, feeling stuck and emotionally paralyzed to Self Awareness, Expanded Knowledge, and Mental Clarity as we work Together through the process, Month By Month.
Explore your changing internal and external world through the process of elevated consciousness.
Learn what mindfulness practice provides and how this expanded program brings magic to your life.
Explore the foundational concepts that prepare you for the creation of a greater self-expression.
Navigate your feelings through a deliberate exploration and understand how to use them as a tool.
Identify patterns of limiting beliefs and feelings of lack that drive you to experience unhealthy unions.
Discover practices to implement that will assist with positively reinforcing your mindfulness practice.
Delve into the understanding of lack and learn to shed the shackles that keep you from abundance.
Discover extraordinary ways the universe and non-physical plane assists and communicates with you.
Experience the freedom of releasing emotions and limiting patterns that restrict your full potential.
Explore the many facets of your personality that hide your authentic self behind a two-way mirror.  
Discover how to manage blocks both external and self-imposed that have been deterrents to success.
Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of these unknown topics through the final weeks of the program.
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These Experiential Sessions Are A Great Way To Begin Your Mindfulness Program As Well As Reinforce Your Practice
// WHAT previous clients ARE SAYING: //
While so many of us work on achieving the best version of ourselves, this cannot happen alone and without guidance. I had the privilege of meeting Lee Papa and have experienced her wonderful guidance and have grown because of her generous heart and her unique ability to authentically help you grow in areas that I call “blind spots.” Lee is a mindset shifter!
Lee’s presence and teaching absolutely inspired the audience and opened their eyes to mediation and mindfulness. I heard from attendees all week raving about how much they enjoyed her keynote.
Meditations & Book
An awesome book! As you start reading the first chapter, you can feel this woman vibes. The way she takes life and walks her path to her awakening to a new spiritual life mission is a great lesson to all of us readers. If this book is in your hands, believe me it is because you have something to learn. Read it and meditate about it.
// This is for You… //
  • ​IF you are willing to invest 10 minutes a day & to receive an emotional shift
  •  IF you have been seeking guidance or desired to work with a life coach 
  •  IF you cannot shut off the non-stop internal dialogue  
  •  IF you are seeking self discovery or are ready to explore your inner knowing
  •  IF you are ready to release stress and anxiety or a more peaceful way of life
  •  IF you are ready to explore a magical life
  •  IF you are open to releasing that which no longer serves you 
  •  IF you are excited to be the best expression of yourself 
  •  IF you are ready to release the programs of fear and worry 
  •  IF you know there is something else and are looking for answers 
  •  IF meditation has eluded you 
  •  IF you are tired of your current situation & desire change
Join Lee Papa for 44 weeks of Insights, Guided Meditation and Expansion through Mindfulness Practice and Beyond with A Year of Living MindfulLee.

These 30 minute sessions are powerfully impactful with a topical teaching based on the monthly theme approximately 5-10 minutes, a guided meditation approximately 15-20 minutes and access to LIVE MINDFULLEE VIP FACEBOOK GROUP to share and receive feedback and interact directly with Lee Papa and those who are serious about being the best expression of themselves.

Investment subscription: For only $9 a month or less if purchased for the year ($79) you will receive life supporting tools, information and guided practice.

Get on board the Mindfulness Movement with Thought Leader, Lee Papa aka MindfulLee.
// Here are the main themes that will be covered: //
We are square in the middle of an evolutionary process for humanity but not the way you might think. Do you feel the internal struggle for healing and expansion? Breaking patterns from the past? There is a symphony of movement around many areas of change. Both personally and professionally. Within individuals, there is a stirring of transformation and in business there is a rising new perspective! Fairness. Transparency. Care. The old regime is passing on, in one way or another. Today, we are dealing with political turbulence, separation & disarray, previously hidden sexual harassment and predatory history coming out as well as natural disasters like we have never witnessed before and a revolutionary women’s effort which is intensifying. Dooms Day or Conscious Evolution? This month we acknowledge, set the intention and access the inner knowing. 
This month we define and detail what the base of Mindfulness is and how it is utilized in every aspect of our lives. We will layer in the expanded knowledge and methods whereby there is no longer a need to seek balance, but rather a reset of belief, that embraces the integration of mind-body and spirit within the framework of Mindfulness. We unwrap the gift of the MindfulLee practice and the key elements to begin experiencing an internal shift, which stirs excitement of a new approach to living life – happy, healthy and fulfilled that is ultimately magical!
This month, we explore the contents of my EBook, The Roadmap to Living Mindfully! Understanding Self-Love, Self-Care & Self Mastery. Stepping into Mindfulness practice is like opening the front door to a huge mansion with many rooms with glass door entries but your view is blocked by dirty panes. The mindfulness practice allows us to see from the foyer, all the pathways and doors to open and explore, but we must first enter the main corridor and take the steps. We will cover the foundational areas of self that are a precious gift to give yourself but also necessary to gain the shift that changes everything. As once, this perspective is understood the windows of the mansion doors are washed clear with understanding and access is granted.  
We look at how our emotions are an extraordinary tool for directing our attentions and intentions. This month our focus is understanding emotion, where we want to be and how to use the contrast to get us there. We will address love and fear and limiting beliefs around them. Tapping into the feeling of the emotion at a deeper level and really bringing awareness to the core of the manifestation of that emotion. We will address how often emotions are sparks by an external source that is being dripped into the subconscious and how to deal with it. Through this process of understanding we become keepers of our own emotional system and use it for the tool that it is. The yoyo of highs and lows begin to be smoothed out to a joyful and equanimous state of well-being.  
Relationship is one of the main points of life but why do so many end in wrath? The line “You complete me.” for those of you who have seen the movie Jerry Maguire, was a repeated mantra of individuals seeking love relationship. And it set relationships up for ultimate failure or misery. Why? Let’s discuss. We look at the common denominator of relationships and why we seek them. This month we will discuss the conscious expansive approach to relationships and how to protect yourself from falling into the trap of old beliefs with those we seek to partner. 
We have been taught as children that certain personal routines are beneficial like brushing our teeth, showering and making our beds. We understand their value and they become second nature. This month we expand this ideas with a brush stroke of mindful awareness. We will address new rituals such as morning routines that set the stage for a healthy day, the evening slide to slumber, honoring the full and new moons cycles and becoming aware of cycles of the seasons that hold extraordinary value in your mindfulness journey.  
Prosperity. She is pursued like a yummy treat when you are on a diet for most. Why does abundance elude so many? We will look at limiting beliefs, attachment, karma and more this month when we celebrate the beautiful energy of money. We will even address the resistance that is felt by many by the very statement of saying “beautiful energy of money.” And for those who do not experience lack we will expand your channel that allows for more flow in this area of your life and provide a meditation tool for manifesting more. 
Markers, messages and spirit. Is the Universe speaking to you? From signals and clues that your physical body provides to lucid dreams, astrology and animal messengers crossing your path. This robust month is all about ways the non- physical world communicates with you and how the Universe shows itself in extraordinary ways. These gentle helpers make life, not only easier to navigate, but magically fun for those who are mindful, aware and energetically clear to connect to them. 
What do you do when you want to start to unwind? Do you loosen your shoes so that you can release your feet from the constricting footwear? This is the analogy that I use for your spirit. This month we look at ways to allow your spirit room to expand and experience inner senses that our clamped down restrictive nature does not currently allow unless you are sleeping. We will explore words like flexibility, freedom and allowance and affirm this through guided meditation and concepts to broaden understanding of how our limited knowledge puts blinders on our experience. 
This month we address the sorted masks we wear in an effort to protect ourselves from showing our vulnerability which leads to anxiety and suffering. What disguises do you wear and when? The good girl mask, the perfect daughter or son disguise, the expert, the cool friend, the jokester, the perfectionist, the jerk, the Romeo, stronger and/or smarter than everyone persona? How about the one you wear with your family versus your coworkers versus your friends. Are they different? Let’s get transparent this month and wash off the makeup, take off the wig, put down the weights and forget about the car you drive and allow the freedom of authenticity to show the way to your peace and well-being.  
While picking lemons from the multiple fruit trees I have in my backyard, I found my hands and arms scratched and bleeding as I navigated reaching the ripe lemons through the thorns and branches of the tree. I began to think about how in life we have these kinds of barriers, contrast and hurdles to our success that often leave us just shy of success because we do not go the distance. This month we will explore how to soften the barriers that are presented to our optimal success. 
This month’s theme is based on what you wish to explore. Through your comments and exchange on the FaceBook page throughout the year, I will choose topics to address to close up the series. In addition, we will be in active gratitude for this past year in mindful practice and all the shifting and expansion that has occurred. We will look to the deliberate creation of the next annual cycle with joy and much excitement. 
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