// Online Mindful MakeoversTM Program //
Mindful Makeovers™ is our Foundational Program! 

It's the launch pad to feeling better - mind, body, and spirit. Through Mindfulness Practice you will learn deliberate steps to take responsibility for the life that you desire. You will begin to understand challenges, turmoil and detours for the lessons they are to teach.

This program includes wisdom and knowledge that has been gathered from working with thousands of individuals during years of operating a wellness center, private practice, training and speaking on the subject. 

Mindful Makeovers™ packages neatly all the information and tools you need for a shift. The magic happens when you implement it!
// FULL ACcess for only $795.00//
// What's INCLUDED//
  • ​ Over 4 hours of video teaching
  • ​ Over 100 page Mindful MakeoversTM Manual and Workbook 
  • ​ An assessment based on current situation and desired outcome. 
  • ​ Self-Evaluation of self-awareness key components such as: 
  • ​  Self-Care 
  • ​  Limiting Beliefs
  • ​  Past Patterns
  • ​ LEARN & BE Core Concepts
  • ​ 3 Mindful MakeoversTM Tools 
  • ​ 4 Mindful MakeoversTM Proprietary Processes 
  • ​ Additional resources of recommended authors, books, YouTube videos and audio for continuing education and expansion to deepen the knowledge and understanding 
  • ​ Digital download of Lee Papa’s book, The Temple of All Knowing 
  • ​ Digital download of The Temple of All Knowing Chakra Meditation CD
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